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University of Macau. Offers degrees in Arts, Social Sciences, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, and Law. The strikingly modern campus occupies a small hill on the north side of Taipa Island, facing the Outer Harbor of Macau. At the main entrance to the university is the Administration Building, where an information desk is located. Behind the Administration Building is a long stone stairway (and escalator) leading to the central quadrangle formed by the Tai Fung Building and three other classroom buildings. It is worth a visit to see the Nine Dragon Wall at the top of the stairs, the central gardens, and the views from various parts of the campus. Other buildings include the Student Union Building and canteen, the Sports Complex, staff and student residences, and the new International Library with its stylish Library Cafe which is open to the public.

Macau University

Macau University of Science and Technology. This new university is committed to providing quality higher education to serve the needs of the Asia-Pacific region, and is determined to develop itself into an international academic institution. In its initial phase, MUST has established four faculties: Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Management and Administration, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Chinese Medicine. The university campus is beautifully constructed with many spacious and bright classrooms. A state-of-the-art computer network, including wireless access to the Internet, connects the whole campus, and LCD monitors are a standard feature. Using advanced optical fiber technology, the computer network and the digital IP telephone network are interlinked to provide efficient communication services. The University has invested strongly in advanced technologies to support teaching/learning processes, so as to ensure high quality education.

Macau Olympics Stadium. Facing MJC, turn to your left and walk for around 5 minutes. The big sporting arena you will face is actually the Macau Olympics Stadium. This is where the 4th East Asian Games was held in 2005. It can seat 15,000 spectators and it has two playing fields for soccer, hockey, and track and field, plus two gymnasiums for basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. The stadium has also been used for other local and international sports events, gala occasions, and pop concerts.

Pou Tai Un. This place is one of the best-endowed and most picturesque temples in Macau. Buddhist monks founded it in the 19th century and the original prayers hall contains images of the three Precious Buddhas. Since then, both the monastery and temples have been extended and enriched by devotees. There are new pavilions with soaring yellow-tile roofs and an elegant status of Kun Iam on a marble-columned terrace. The monks live in adjoining building. When not busy with prayers, they tend a large vegetable garden and operate a vegetarian restaurant where some of the produce is prepared. Whether vegetarian or not, visitors will enjoy this casual verandah cafe, where the freshness of the ingredients is matched by the imaginative preparation and wide range of dishes. Beer and soft drinks are available and prices are very low.

Macau Dome

Macau East Asian Games Dome. The Macau East Asian Games Dome Ice Rink can accommodate up to 300 persons and is equipped with the very latest facilities for figure skating, ice hockey, speed skating and ice shows. The Macau East Asian Games Dome Bowling Centre is nearby. Visitors are welcome to book the bowling alley and squash court. Coloane Island, with its karting track, great views, trails and beaches are only minutes away. For more information, and

Flower City Garden. Located across the street from the Park n' Shop supermarket in the center of Taipa' s high-rise residential area, this walled garden is a modern interpretation of the classical Chinese garden, with traditional lotus ponds, winding bridges, and small pavilions, but it also incorporates a children' s playground and a skating and scooter area.

Hiking Trails and Cycling. Taipa Island's two highest hills, Taipa Grande and Taipa Pequena, are circled by nature trails that provide panoramic views of the entire Macau area. The Taipa Grande trail is reached by way of a short paved road off the Estrada Colonel Nicolau de Mesquita, near the United Chinese Cemetery. Adjacent to the trail on the east side of Taipa Grande, near the airport, is the Taipa Grande Nature Park. The Taipa Pequena trail can be accessed from the Estrada Lou Lim Ieoc, behind the Macau Regency Hotel. Bicycles for touring the islands are available from a rental kiosk near the bus stop adjacent to the building of Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau in Taipa Village.